24 Hour Phone Teller

Our 24 hour telephone teller gives members convenient access to their accounts at any time.

  • To use, call (208) 342-7663 OR (800) 444-6528 ext. 2685
  • User friendly and free to all members
  • Available through a touch-tone telephone anywhere in the continental US
  • Members must request service and be set up on the system
  • You may personalize or change PIN (up to 4 digits) at any time using the 24 Hour Phone Teller
  • Some of the services that are available through our 24 Hour Phone Teller:
    • Account and transaction inquiries
    • Check clearing information
    • Account transfers and loan payments
    • Pre-established cross member transfers (from one account number to another)
    • Year-to-date and previous year-to-date interest information

Is the 24 Hour Phone Teller convenient?

Yes. It's an automated telephone system which allows you to access your account information 24 hours a day.