VISA® Check Card

The VISA® Check Card works just like an ATM Card and a VISA® Debit Card all rolled up into one to access the member’s Les Bois Checking Account.

  • Available to all members who have a checking account
  • All point of sale transactions are processed through the member’s checking account
  • Members have the option of signature or PIN based transactions (with the option of receiving cash back at various merchants)
  • Point of Sale Transactions (POS):
    • PIN-based: limited to the lesser of the account balance; including any overdraft protection available
    • Non-PIN based: limited to the account balance
  • ATM Transactions:
    • $300 maximum daily dollar limit; during a 24-hour block from 3 p.m. to 3 p.m.
    • First 5 ATM withdrawals are free
    • Co-Op ATM network transactions are surcharge-free
  • For lost or stolen cards: during business hours members can either call the credit union or after hours hotline at 800-754-4128; the card will be cancelled and a new card issued

Is it easy to use?

A VISA® Check Card is much more convenient than writing a check and shortens your time spent at a register.

What if I lose track of my transactions?

If you lose track of your transactions, you can review your account history anytime by using e-Banking. Your transactions will also show on your monthly statement.

What if someone uses my card without permission?

You are completely protected from fraud. Simply notify us of the occurrence.